Letting GO of Trauma

Release the Bonds of Trauma to Live a Life of Freedom, Balance, Peace and Coherence within Mind and Body.

Letting GO of Trauma

Release the Bonds of Trauma to Live a Life of Freedom, Balance, Peace and Coherence within Mind and Body.

Pain, shame, anger, blame, guilt, rejection, abandonment, powerlessness, unworthiness.

These thoughts produce certain chemicals in the brain called neuropeptides which, in turn, begin to signal different hormonal centres in your body to FEEL a certain way.

Those feelings will produce more of the same thoughts, which will produce more of the same chemicals and you’ll become caught in a loop that creates a state of being (depression/malaise), low energy and fear.

Repetition of this cycle over time conditions the body to autonomously replicate those feelings, which creates a set of emotional reactions, behaviours and habits at a subconscious level.

This is what we know as:  TRAUMA.

It involves the Mind and the Body.

TRAUMA: (noun) “Incomplete Physiological Experiences, Suspended in Fear” Dr Peter Levine, Waking the Tiger

Letting GO of Trauma is an experiential program for women involving techniques, practices and body therapy to RELEASE TRAUMA at a neurological and cellular level and to CREATE NEW PATHWAYS of thought and feeling, based on your truest nature and deepest life impulse.

Letting GO of Trauma is a journey, a process and an experience.  It’s something that must be FELT and cannot be interpreted solely by the mind.  It requires us to build a bridge from where we are now to where we wish to be. 

Many women have said to us “I know how I want to feel … I just don’t know how to shift the stuff in the way”.  This is a very common experience and the reason why we have created the Letting GO program.

This program is for you if….

  • You’ve experienced a traumatic event, incident or series of circumstances that has affected your feminine identity and that you are struggling to resolve (this could be related to birth, sex/sexuality, lineage, violence, emotional circumstances, medical procedures, cultural influence, relationships, family, childhood etc),
  • You feel lost, hopeless, uncertain, depressed, directionless, unsatisfied, empty, lethargic or self-loathing.
  • You are plagued by negative thoughts and can’t seem to shake them, especially those of anger, blame, shame, guilt and fear.
  • You are suffering at a physical/emotional level and know there is a deeper reason why.
  • You have engaged in psychology or counselling support and haven’t experienced any lasting change.
  • You know there is something greater for you but you are struggling to access what.
  • You want to feel vital, whole, embodied, sensual and creative in your womanhood (which includes your mothering, your work and your relationships).
  • You are longing to be FREE in mind, heart, body and soul.

Letting GO of Trauma is Know Your Midwife’s flagship wellness program, harnessing the full transmission of Mary and her teams’ knowledge, skills and modalities.  It is the culmination of years of work with women of all ages and at all stages of life, through the embodied and sustainable resolution of many different kinds of trauma.

We know this stuff works from the women who have been through our program who have experienced lasting transformation.  It can be applied to daily life to make real time changes that ‘stick’.  It’s also how we live our own lives … we use these tools every day to live a life FREE OF TRAUMA and to remain in a state of open, honest communication in our relationships and coherence within mind and body. 

The 3 day retreat I attended with Mary helped me put my life back on track internally and turn down the negative talk in my head surrounding my birth. I had a terrible pregnancy with nausea for 40 weeks, mostly bedridden, hip pain and really felt so excited to go into labour thinking it was finally an amazing time for me to be a woman and do my birth thing. I had prepared with meditation, breathing, everything! I entered labour with excitement that I could do this and did so for hours only to find my baby would not and could not (due to a car accident fracturing my hip) birth naturally at home and so I was to be totally shattered by c-section birth. I blamed all the way down the corridor to theatre the young reckless teenager who caused the car accident!! While I looked after my baby beautifully from that day forward I had a very dark cloud of grief that followed me like a shadow every minute of my day. Recovery was full of physical setbacks with the healing of my scar. It was really feeling like it was crushing my personality and suffocating my whole life. Thank god I said yes to going to the retreat as it helped me in all the right ways. The modalities that Mary uses, the explanations that I didn’t even know I needed, how our feelings and bodies work and the meticulous care given to each section of the course, really gave me some breathing and healing space to get back on the positive path. I still am upset by my birth and feel cheated, but the overwhelming sadness doesn’t engulf me daily anymore and I can see it all from a distant view and talk about it without crying. No matter what it takes you to get to the course: baby sitters, help from family etc just do yourself a favour and take these 3 days for yourself and for your families future!


Combining science with spirituality and embodiment, Mary will midwife you through a series of Letting GO practices, which have proven to create lasting change, including Meditation, Ritual, Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, and Self-Care.

Through this program you will receive:

Tools for the Mind

Rewire the neurology of the brain through the mindful and precise repatterning of thoughts, belief systems and their associated chemical and hormonal pathways.

Tools for Relationships

Learn the art of compassionate and self-responsible communication in order to show up in your relationships with integrity and respect.  Understand what you need and know how to ask for it with honesty and clarity.

Tools for the Emotions

Understand and integrate the relationships between thoughts, emotions and feelings for a deepened awareness of your state of being and embodied mastery of your moment-to-moment FELT experience.

Tools for Self Care

Discover feminine practices that facilitate a foundational wholesome experience of embodied living.  This is trauma healing in action.

Tools for the Body

Shift trauma at a cellular level that is held in the bones and tissues of your core feminine body: your pelvic bowl.  Enhance your awareness of your sensual self and your body’s needs for a deeper, more respectful experience of intimacy and womanhood. 

Tools for the Spirit

Access your deepest truth and soul-aligned purpose, as it expresses through your womanhood, your sexuality, your creativity, your mothering, your relationships and your work.

During your work with us, you will unravel the intricate web of trauma, as it relates specifically to you, to find what is at the heart of the way that you FEEL.  You will identify what is real … and what is simply your mind’s programs and belief systems, which have set up patterns of feeling in your body.  Through the process, you will release the bonds of trauma and rediscover your inner Self that you always knew was there.  You will have learned and embodied the tools and skills that will enable you to move forward into Life with Freedom, Balance, Peace and Coherence in Womb, Heart and Mind.

Your Commitment


Engaging in the Letting GO of Trauma program requires a FULL-BODIED COMMITMENT TO YOUR SELF.


This is big work – it’s important that you feel ready to embrace change and able to integrate new ways of being into your Life.  You will be well supported by Mary and her team during the process, so that you can assimilate these changes with awareness, grace and integrity and with a mindful approach to your intimate relationships.

The Letting GO of Trauma program requires in-person engagement in 1:1 sessions with Mary, that draw on their areas of trauma resolution expertise and which are tailored to your unique needs and state of being.  You will also require time between sessions to consolidate your experience through online program material and tools for reflection, so that you are integrating change at both a mind and body level.

Your Investment


Immersion into a journey like this requires not only a time, resource and energy commitment .. it also requires a financial investment .. in Your Self.


The Letting GO of Trauma All-Inclusive Package


*Payment Plans available.

Costs Include:

  • The Life-Changing Transformation inherent in Letting GO of Your Trauma!
  • 1 hr Initial Consultation  Planning Session with Mary and her team.
  • 3 x 2.5 hr Sessions with Mary and Leanne (meditation, ritual, breathwork and hypnotherapy)
  • 2 x 3.5 hr Sessions with Tanya (womb healing, ritual, communication and self-care)
  • 1 hr Closing Session with Mary and Tanya
  • All Online Program Material and Tools for Reflection
  • Email and Phone Support from Mary during the entirety of the program