Wellness Programs

Facilitating Healing and Transformational Change for Women

Wellness Programs

Facilitating Healing and Transformational Change for Women

As well as providing exceptional home birth midwifery care to women on the Sunshine Coast, Mary and the midwives also facilitate a range of unique, life-changing programs that support women to embody their truest nature, through a process of deep and sustainable transformation.

By harnessing the sacred power of the Feminine, marrying science with spirituality, and approaching healing through both the mind and the body, the Wellness Programs offered through Know Your Midwife will hold space for the Evolution of your Whole Self as a Woman.

Both Mary and the midwives in a range of modalities that, in combination, facilitate healing and change for women at an unprecedented level of Freedom and Certitude.


It’s a state of freedom, contentment, sensuality, creativity, clarity and responsiveness – accessed through precision awareness – that informs our moment-to-moment lived reality.

If you would like to work with us, please click on the links below to explore our Wellness Programs.

Preconception Care

Health, Wellness and Womb-Heart-Mind Coherence in Preparation for Conception & Pregnancy

Pelvic Balancing Bodywork

Birth Prep Intensives

The Essential Toolkit 
Readiness for Labour and Birth

Letting Go of Trauma

Release the Bonds of Trauma to Live a Life of Freedom, Balance, Peace and Coherence within Mind and Body.