Birth Prep Intensives

The Essential Toolkit – Readiness for Labour and Birth

Birth Prep Intensives

The Essential Toolkit – Readiness for Labour and Birth

At Know Your Midwife, we know that women require more than standardised antenatal education to prepare for labour and birth.

For some women, having access to their own private midwife is not an available or achievable option.  97% of women in Australia will birth in hospital; most of them will not know their midwife during labour and most will have only received hospital-based antenatal preparation. 

This means that women are walking into childbirth not really knowing what to expect.  Uninformed and overwhelmed, they look to their care providers for external support, finding themselves unequipped to navigate the intense energy of labour and birth.

This has repercussions, with less than 29% of women in Queensland achieving a Normal Birth.  Interventions are on the rise, birth trauma is common, and women are venturing further away from the natural experience of childbirth that is their right.

Don’t be a statistic!

You may not have your own midwife … circumstances may be such that you need or choose to birth in hospital … however, you CAN equip yourself with the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS  and UNDERSTANDING that will give you the best chance to achieve a NORMAL, NATURAL BIRTH … whatever the environment.

Birth Prep Intensives offers you a Base Level Essential Toolkit to take with you into Birth!

Know Your Midwife is known for our exceptional, comprehensive preparation program for women entering into motherhood.  Our birth outcomes speak for themselves, with women enraptured with their birth experiences, partners in awe of the process and babies healthy and well.    

Know Your Midwife has created the Birth Prep Intensives, for pregnant women who wish to optimize their experience of childbirth and assure the best possible outcomes for themselves and their babies.  The program draws on the modalities in which Mary specialises and which are integral to her midwifery care, offering you a fast-tracked pathway of birth preparation.

Birth Prep Intensives are for you if:

  • You are pregnant and receiving antenatal care outside of Know Your Midwife.
  • You know there is more to know in preparation for childbirth, but you are not sure where to look.
  • You have experienced a previous birth that was traumatic and wish to heal your relationship with birth and rewrite your experience.
  • You wish to equip yourself with the knowledge, skills and awareness that will optimize your chance of experiencing a natural birth.
  • You want to feel confident, empowered, sensual embodied and transformed during your childbirth experience.
  • You want to crack open the secrets to achieving a normal, natural birth.

Birth Prep Intensives is for all pregnant women, including first-time mothers and subsequent pregnancies.  It is a pathway of preparation that supports you to access your innate wisdom and knowing as a Woman , your inherent Feminine Power, and a toolkit of deeply embodied skills that you can take into childbirth … knowing that YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED INSIDE YOURSELF.

Birth preparation - Know your Midwife

You will also be provided with Information and Communication Tools to help you navigate your chosen birth environment, including an understanding of the roles of your support team and a breakdown of routine maternity care practices (with evidence) that will inform your decision-making process.

Through this program you will learn:


  • How to ride the intense waves of contractions with control and surrender, through the use of our special breathing technique that actually SHORTENS LABOUR!
  • How to tap into and maintain your primal brain state that will keep your hormones flowing through labour.
  • The relationships between your thoughts, feelings and emotions … how to align all of them to keep you and your baby safe and working together through labour.
  • The uniquely important role of your partner in optimising your hormonal flow in labour plus skills that he/she can use to support you the way YOU need.
  • The techniques and embodied awareness that will REDUCE TEARING at the time of birth.
  • plus much more!
leah franks testimonial

Leah’s Story

“In 2017 I became a mother. I was induced at 41+3, artificial rupture of my waters for no reason other than not being educated. I agreed to this intervention, placing my trust in the midwifery team although I was comfortably pregnant; I had no complications, and my baby was an average size. This labour was painful and ended in an emergency c-section.

In 2019 I fell pregnant with my second baby and I had a strong desire to complete a Virginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC). To achieve this VBAC, I knew my pregnancy and birth planning would need to be very different. I also had several challenges ahead of me being 36 years old (geriatric some would say) and birthing in a public hospital.

Connecting with Mary changed the direction of this journey for both my husband Brad, and myself, making it truly special. These incredible women helped me to believe in myself, trusting in my body, my baby, and the power within. They filled me with the most insightful birthing knowledge. I felt in control of my body and my pregnancy, I had the power of knowledge and the strength within myself to decline all interventions in front of challenging medical team. This felt incredible! I can vividly remember my hands shaking as my Obstetrician told me he would be commencing an induction at 41 weeks. I promptly blurted out NO and could clearly articulate my birthing plans whilst being acknowledged and accepted by the OBGYN. I do not believe I could have achieved this outcome without the support from Mary.

Brad often spoke about how knowledgeable he felt in this pregnancy, and that he had more confidence in supporting me during my labour. Mary gave Brad the tools he needed to be present and have a connecting role in the birth of our baby.

When I when into spontaneous labour at 41+4 I felt calm, in control and that I was one step closer to achieving my VBAC Goal. I had a tranquil area set up at home where I could enjoy my time with my husband and mum before moving on to the maternity suite. Using the Breath Work Mary had taught me, I was able to manage my contractions and focus on pushing my baby down and out. When I began to lose focus, my husband was able to bring me back to where I needed to be.

The midwife placed my baby on my chest for a euphoric skin to skin embrace. I had achieved my VBAC and we had our little girl. Brad remembered that Mary had encouraged him to sing to our daughter immediately after her birth. He began singing ‘You are my Sunshine’, and our daughter let out a beautiful cry, turning her head towards her dad. We have both observed a stronger connection between father and daughter and believe this has been enhanced by Brad’s level of inclusion in my labour. I had no doubt in my mind that this would be our birthing outcome and the support we received along the way only strengthened this belief.

Leah Franks

Your Investment


Birth Prep Intensives is offered as a complete package, incorporating all sessions, practices and online content.

Your Essential Birth Preparation Toolkit:


*Payment Plans available.

Package Include:

  • The Empowering Experience of Preparing for one of the most Transformative Journeys of your Life.
  • 1 hr Initial Consultation & Planning Session with Mary
  • 2 x 2.5 hr Session with Mary (information, artwork, meditation, breathwork, hypnotherapy, sound healing)
  •  1 x 2 hr Active Birth Partner Preparation & Sound Healing with Mary
  • All Online Program Material and Tools for Reflection
  • Email and Phone Support from Mary during the entirety of the program

To experience the loving intimacy and powerful intensity of labour and birth is the right of every woman.  We know this then makes for supportive, connected families and contributes to the long-term wellness of the community as a whole. 

If you are wanting to experience the ultimate transformation of labour and birth that is rightfully yours … it is essential that you prioritise yourself at the centre of your care. 

You have the power to create the birth you desire!