Preconception Care

Health, Wellness and Womb-Heart-Mind Coherence in Preparation for Conception & Pregnancy

Preconception Care

Health, Wellness and Womb-Heart-Mind Coherence in Preparation for Conception & Pregnancy

When planning your childbearing year becomes a heart journey, you will not only be preparing for the conception and birth of your child … along the way you will be birthing your new self.

CONCEPTION:  As well as being the union between sperm and ovum to create a baby, the word ‘conception’ also implies the way we see, understand or interpret.  It reflects our current perspective and opens us to a new way of relating.

It is this aspect of Conception that Know Your Midwife has embraced in creating our heart-opening journey of Preconception Care. 

 Preconception Care & Conscious Conception is the process of preparing in heart, mind, body, sensuality, spirituality, relationships and choices for the revelatory experience of conceiving your child.

Imagine a world where our children are conceived in love and conscious co-creation; where loving unification becomes our human blueprint; where we consciously accept the sacred responsibility, commitment and power inherent in the creation, birthing and parenting of another human. 

As midwives, Mary and Jemma have witnessed time and again the potent power of love accessible to women and couples through the experience of birth, when prepared for with mindfulness, practice and embodied awareness.  In extending this preparation to the preconceptual phase, you will be harnessing your sacred Feminine wisdom and knowing at the very beginning of your journey of becoming a mother, for the optimal health and wellness of you and your baby. 

The Know Your Midwife Preconception Care & Conscious Conception Program will midwife you through a series of practices, experiences, information-sharing and body therapy that will transform the way you view yourself as a Woman, the way you show up in your relationships and the way you approach conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Through this program, you will:

  • Shift your core programming and frequency from one of fear to one of love.
  • Resolve trauma, including from previous births, childhood, lineage, sex, family, relationships or culture, to attain a state of freedom, balance and coherence.
  • Optimise the wellness of your body-mind-spirit to create a loving foundation for the conception of your child.
  • Learn the communication tools and experiential practices to achieve and maintain a state of emotional integrity within yourself and your relationships.
  • Energise your creativity, sexuality, sensuality, authentic expression and womb connection for an embodied experience of conception and pregnancy.
  • Engage in ritual that will clear, harmonise and anchor your Birth Field.

In working with Know Your Midwife, you will also have access to our affiliate practitioners who can support you with acupuncture, naturopathy, nutritional health and chiropractic care for optimal preconception health and wellness.

I worked with Jemma and Mary as part of my preconception care program. I had a lot of trauma surrounding the birth of my daughter, Olivia, after having induced labour turned emergency c-section. I lost a lot of trust in my care providers (different private midwives) and also in myself, for not listening to my instincts and succumbing to all the outside pressures. I have tried so many different modalities to try and work past my birth PTSD, just so that I could feel safe enough to become pregnant again, but nothing seemed to really work for me. Finally, almost 2 years after Olivia’s birth, I meet Mary and Jemma and we started doing trauma release work and it has been amazing! The combination of both the mind and the bodywork really helped to shift all that trauma and turmoil and has helped me to find my sense of balance and feel empowered again. The shift in my thoughts around the trauma of that day has been so drastically changed, that I can now remember Olivia’s birth with a smile instead of choked sobs.

My goals have always been to finally feel safe enough to become pregnant again and to make my decisions from a place of power and not fear, and Mary and Jemma have helped me to finally feel this way! They have been invaluable not just in this, but also helping to strengthen my connection with my husband and daughter and my relationship with my own body.”

Gabby Fleming

Your Investment


Preconception Care with Know Your Midwife is offered as a complete package, incorporating all sessions, practices and online content.


Our Preconception Care Program:


*Payment Plans available.

This package Includes:

  • The Heart-Opening Experience of Preparing for the Sacred Life Journey of Conception, Pregnancy and Motherhood
  • 1 hr Initial Consultation & Planning Session with Mary and Jemma
  • 3 x 2.5 hr Sessions with Mary (information, communication, meditation, breathwork, hypnotherapy and sound healing)
  • 2 x 3.5 hr Sessions with Jemma (information, communication, pelvic balancing bodywork)
  • All Online Program Material and Tools for Reflection
  • Email and Phone Support from Mary and Jemma during the entirety of the program

Preconception Care with Know Your Midwife will change the way you see yourself as a woman, both physically and creatively.  It will change how you prepare to conceive: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  It will change how you will think and feel about labour and birth and how you will tell your birth story. 

To participate in this most sacred of journeys is a rite of passage in itself.