Birth With Us

Home Birth on the Sunshine Coast with your own Private Midwives.

Birth With Us

Home Birth on the Sunshine Coast with your own Private Midwives.

We believe that Birth is a spiritual, sacred and sexual experience, in which a woman embodies the essence of who she truly is, in transitioning into motherhood.

The women we embrace are those who desire this experience and seek their feminine power to birth the way Nature intended.

Our Medicare-eligible private midwifery practice, based in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, offers premium continuity of pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, for women birthing at home or in hospital.

What We Do

The Know Your Midwife Home Birth Program is a journey of knowledge, growth, change, discovery, transformation and deep self-knowing.  The program offers you the tools, skills and wisdom to shape your birth story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing, of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity and of love.

Care is tailored to you and your baby.  You are your unique self and have the intuitive ability to make choices that feel right for you.

Alongside holistic, woman-centred care and assessment of mother and baby throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond, we also explore the following modalities:

Letting Go of Birth Trauma

Using tools, strategies and ritual to change the neurology of the mind, the addiction of the body to the thoughts of the past and the traumatic memory cells in the body.

Music Therapy with the unborn baby

Connecting with the unborn baby through music, lullabies, rhymes and poems is very important as this prepares the ear, the body and the brain of the baby to listen to, integrate and produce language sounds.

Partner Preparation

The partner’s preparation is integral in the preparation for home-birth.  A partners love and connection shortens labour, as the baby and the cervix respond to the tremendously increased endorphins and oxytocin circulating in the woman’s brain and body.

Meditation to relax the mind, body & baby.

Using the Law of Repetition we use the same meditation throughout pregnancy so that the mind automatically relaxes the body between contractions. It also prevents the mind from fearful thoughts thus preventing chemicals being released from the brain that can create tension in the body and baby.


To release from the subconscious mind any fears, traumas, behaviours or beliefs that may cause a barrier to a woman experiencing the full embodiment of her labour and transition to motherhood.


Using tools, strategies and ritual to change the neurology of the mind, the addiction of the body to the thoughts of the past and the traumatic memory cells in the body.

Sound Healing

Facilitation of  vibration in the cells that help you clear energetic blockages which creates healing on a physical and mental level and aligns the  flow of energy between the energy centres.

Birth Art

The learning necessary for you to participate completely in your birth must come from you, not from books.

In making birth art or journaling, just bringing an image to light can be surprisingly revealing (and sometimes healing).  Listening to it speak to you can tell you even more. Birth art doesn’t have to be pretty, colourful or carefully planned. It is as raw, honest, and spontaneous as birth itself.

Why We Do It

Because the modern patriarchal obstetric birthing system is fucked!


Our Western culture has ingrained in women the fear of childbirth for generations so they have become totally accepting of how birth is perceived, controlled and managed by professionals.

This system though, is failing women in childbirth, to the point where less than 29% of women in Qld are achieving a normal birth.

The choice is simple!

Women may either reconnect with their feminine spirit, their feminine power and knowledge within,  and begin to reclaim birth that is their birthright, or, they may accept the modern technological approach, the voice of others, accepting that she is not the most important person able to labour and give birth as a mother!

It takes more than standardised antenatal education to prepare for birth!

We know that birth is an involuntary process, a function of your reptilian brain.  During pregnancy hormonal changes affect how you think and what you think about and there is a gradual emergence of conscious and unconscious emotions.  As this happens you may feel vulnerable to your thoughts, beliefs, and hidden fears that may emerge.

The Know Your Midwife Home Birth Program offers women the opportunity to fine-tune themselves, to adapt and evolve from the subconscious messages and life lessons that emerge during pregnancy.  Through this unique journey with us, women are encouraged to embrace a balance between spirituality and science and become empowered to choose health-promoting tools and practices to experience the birth and transition to motherhood they want and deserve.

See Our Incredible Stats here:

So what are the outcomes for Mary and her ever-evolving Home Birth program (March 2017 – April 2000) with 63 women?

  • 0 inductions for post dates. ( All mums and bubs well and healthy! )
  • 0 women transferred for pain relief .
  • 0 women transferred in an emergency from their homebirth
  • 0 women transferred for a post partum haemorrhage
  • 0 VBAC women transferred (9 successful empowered VBACs!)
  • 0 babies transferred to hospital after birth

Transfers from home to hospital:

  • 1 woman required hospital assistance for specialised suturing.
  • 1 woman required a medical induction for prolonged rupture of membranes in combination with a IUGR baby at 38 weeks (previous babies had been 4.2kg+ and birthed at home) Birthed in 3 hrs and the very small baby thrived!
  • 3 women required transfer for medical assistance (these women did not undertake the full program with hypnotherapy and bodywork which, in hindsight, may have altered the outcome and they may have birthed at home.) Of those women, 1 had a medically indicated Emlscs;
  • 1 had an epidural and an instrumental birth; 1 birthed spontaneously in hospital within 10 minutes of arrival after an hours drive –  but had a postpartum haemorrhage

Other Stats:

  • 2 women required suturing of a perineal tear at home. All other women incurred little to no perineal damage.
  • The mothers have 98% breastfeeding success.
  • 1 mother had difficulty with milk supply.
  • 1 baby had a protein intolerance to the breastmilk.
  • In both these cases, we visited the mothers 20 =- 25 times in the 6 weeks! Medicare rebates applied!
  • Multipara women (from previous birth traumas) birthing at home in 5 hours and under!
  • Primip women birthing at home in 6 hours and under!
  • 57/63 women experienced a waterbirth!

How We Do It

The cornerstone of our collaborative midwifery model is our Circle of Care, that can begin as early as 8 weeks into your pregnancy and continues until your baby is 6 weeks old.

The Circle of Care was first launched in May 2012 by Know Your Midwife on the Sunshine Coast. It is based on the Centering Pregnancy model developed in the USA.

The Circle of Care brings women together who share common goals, whilst their personal preferences and values make each group unique in a dynamic yet tranquil atmosphere. When women come together for a common purpose of health and wellbeing to share information and learn together, a transformation happens at both the personal and collective level that brings about better understanding, greater engagement, self confidence and a lasting social network with soul.

It is a unique program offering you continuity of private midwifery care.

All pregnant women in our care can join, at whatever stage of pregnancy. Some women join via Zoom, if they are “Destination Birthing” with us and will only arrive on the Sunshine Coast for their birth.

You will learn tools, techniques and skills to help you overcome any fears or issues; learn about control and surrender to reduce tension and pain. Trusting your body and preparation is the key. Birth is instinctive and manageable with this form of education.

Know Your Midwife midwives offer all forms of modalities in which they are skilled to each woman throughout pregnancy and the postnatal weeks (HypnoBirthing, Calmbirth, Hypnotherapy etc).

You will walk away far richer in friends, in confidence, experience and knowledge.


How Does it Work?

Book a Discovery Call with Mary for details.

Book in with Know Your Midwife, receive your contract, antenatal pack and education resources.  You don’t have to know whether you want a hospital or home birth on booking!

Choose Circle of Care or Individual Care with Mary and the midwives.

Each meeting is 2 hours with 4 – 6 women in a circle held from 10am – 12pm.

The meetings are held monthly from 12 – 16 weeks, weekly from 36 weeks, and weekly when you are ready to join postnatally, up to 6 weeks.

Each meeting has an overall theme or plan, but emphasis varies with group needs. Meetings are interactive, fun, informative and woman centred.

At each meeting you will have a 45 minute individual health assessment, education and support with your primary midwife, who is with you all the way.

You will have no parking hassles, no waiting time, no questions left unanswered. Meetings are held in a nurturing, tranquil setting in Buderim.

Your Midwives are on call for you 24/7 for emergency situations and of course labour and birth and are with you all the way wherever you choose to birth.

Mary & the midwives work in conjunction with other health specialists such as chiropractors, homeopaths, yoga instructors, acupuncturists, kinesiologists and naturopaths to ensure that your care is holistic.

Your postnatal care is in your home for the first 2 weeks and a postnatal plan is made with your midwife. You come back to the Circle of Care from week ⅔ til 6 weeks.

All antenatal visits may be claimed on Medicare via Eftpos. You may be eligible for Private Health refunds.

 What Does It Cost?

Less than a wedding, a car, your 88” TV or your overseas holiday!

And it’s worth it!

Know Your Midwife has ONE midwifery care package – and it includes everything!

All modalities listed are included in our package fee.

All  equipment for a safe home birth is provided, including birth pool, drugs and oxygen.

The Know Your Midwife Circle Of Care program is tailored to the needs of each woman with payment plans available.

Please Book A Call for a quote on your continuity of midwifery care.

Dreaming of a Home Birth but live out of town?

Join the
Know Your Midwife
DESTINATION BIRTHING Program and plan your birth on the Sunshine Coast!

Join the
Know Your Midwife
DESTINATION BIRTHING Program and plan your birth on the Sunshine Coast!


Destination Birthing is a proposal for women who cannot find a private midwife for a home birth where they reside or they simply do not wish to birth in a hospital. Currently, women travel from all parts of Queensland, stay in an Airbnb, and experience birth in a homely environment with the care of Mary.

How it works:

  • Join your Circle of Care antenatal group via Zoom
  • Receive all of your antenatal education online
  • Attend your GP or local hospital for physical antenatal checks
  • Travel to the Sunshine Coast from 36 – 38 weeks for final birth preparation
  • Stay for up to 2 weeks postnatal
  • Medicare rebates apply
  • Know Your Midwife provides all home birthing equipment – pool, liner etc
  • Mary will attend to your antenatal, birth and postnatal care whilst you’re here