During the early days of my pregnancy, we moved to a remote town in the Northern Territory. We were able to make this decision easier because I was provided with the option to manage my pregnancy remotely and I was happy to plan a home birth on the stunning Sunshine Coast! The most important thing for my second pregnancy was finding the right midwives. The fact that location was not a limiting factor was an absolute blessing that we will always be grateful for. The online sessions and continuous support provided remotely was incredible.

 I really cannot emphasise how amazing and wonderful our antenatal preparations and birth experience were. We were provided so much more information and learnings about ourselves, about our fears, managing mindset, working together and so much more. We were guided with such wisdom and tenderness. When the time came, we were ready. Still scared, but ready.

 Selecting the ‘Cotton Tree Surf Shack’ as the place for my home birth was a decision filled with uncertainty. I was worried about how small it was and how close the neighbours were. I needed not to worry as it turned out to be perfect!

We settled into the unit when I was 34 weeks pregnant. The location was unbeatable, everything was within (full-term pregnancy) walking distance with NO HILLS.

I could go to the surf beach, Cotton Tree park, cafes, shopping centres and Ocean Street all on foot, with a toddler in tow. I could easily go walking on the sand to balance my energy without feeling like I was setting out on a mission. The unit has everything we needed, two spacious bedrooms and the compact size meant cleaning was a breeze. My mum was able to stay in another unit in the same complex the ‘Cotton Tree Beach Cubby’. The Surf Shack really became my birth temple. We were able to post affirmations everywhere, quickly prep the unit every night with everything stored away ready for birth on any day. But most especially, when the time came I had a birth team of 5 (my partner, 2 midwives, a doula and my mum) and not once did I feel crowded!

I engaged private midwives for both of my pregnancies and the experiences were worlds apart. The experience we had with these wonderful women was life-changing for me, my partner and all my family that was around at the time. What we learnt, what we gained from working with these women is indescribable.

My daughter entered this world surrounded by so much love. The bonds she has with her dad, her grandma and her uncle who were all present when she was born are such a wonderful thing to witness as a mother. She is confident, trusting and loving in a way that I cannot explain.

I wish all women were given the opportunity to work with women like Mary and Jemma and Deb. To be guided by wisdom, to unlearn and learn what it is to be a woman, a mother, to trust in ourselves and what we are truly capable of. I am eternally grateful. You cannot put a price on what these women offer.

So much love to you both!!