Letting go is like the sudden cessation of an inner pressure or the dropping of a weight. It’s accompanied by a sudden feeling of relief and lightness, with increased happiness and freedom.

Birth trauma occurs when your expectations of yourself or your caregiver/s are not met; when you feel dis-empowered, manipulated by words spoken, when you end up feeling violated, angry, shamed, blaming and guilty. It’s when you’ve experienced a birth where you’ve entered survival mode. Every day since, you’ve relived that birth over and over in your mind.

Your body, through thought alone, also relives the event as though it were the present moment. The brain continuously wires the event into your memory bank, and your body is emotionally experiencing the same chemicals from the past all over again. If you continue to mourn the sacred birthing experience you didn’t have, your body remains out of balance, in stress mode. It remembers the event and how it felt and your mind goes round in circles constantly flooded with questions:

What if I’d said NO? Why didn’t my partner support me? I didn’t know it would end in an epidural and forceps, why wasn’t I informed? Why didn’t the Dr/midwife listen when I said No? How dare they! The system is fucked! I hate my partner for putting me through this, I’ll never have another!”  

These sorts of thoughts carry a strong emotional charge, further affecting your body. It stays out of balance and you find yourself overwhelmed.

If, after birth, you find yourself overwhelmed you may be in the midst of birth trauma. If you’re having difficulty taking care of yourself or your baby, feeling disorientated or agitated, or crying uncontrollably, these are signs you’re in a state of trauma or depression and you need help to LET GO.

I take women back to the birth field to clear the trauma, ceremoniously burn the story, and realign the overall energy. This process can resolve the imprints of a difficult birth and restore a woman’s pure connection to her body and baby. This process can happen any time in a woman’s life, not just after birth. Letting GO of the birth story is the beginning of healing.

Why? Because science and research has shown that the frequencies of feelings and beliefs that permeate your baby during the time in the womb and through birth genetically programs your child for a life of love, bliss, communion and pleasure – or for a lifetime of anger, anxiety, trauma, suffering and disconnection.