Sunshine Coast Home Birth Midwifery Care

Mary & Jemma are Privately Practicing Registered Midwives providing supportive care throughout pregnancy, birth and the early parenting journey, for women and families who choose to birth at home.

Sunshine Coast Village Midwifery Clinic

Wherever you are choosing to birth, receive your antenatal and postnatal care with Know Your Midwife in our comfortable fully-equipped clinic. Bulk-billed 45 minute single consultations.

Sunshine Coast Destination Birthing

Families desiring non-hospital birthing in a tourist destination… Come to the Sunshine Coast for continuity of midwifery care and birth in private modern accommodation, a short walk from the beach.

Pelvic Floor Balancing with Jemma

Nurturing and balancing intravaginal pelvic bodywork to release body trauma, promote pelvic floor health and integrity, optimise female wellness and awaken your creative Feminine impulse.

Birth Trauma Healing with Mary

You will experience awareness and lightness once birth trauma and core wounds of the past are released. Breaking the cycle of trauma impacts future generations.

Letting Go Your Birth Trauma Retreat - TBC

A 3 day retreat and 6 week program involves releasing, redesigning, re-navigating, and clearing the traumas of the past that no longer serve us.

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