Getting Started

What is the Discovery Call?

This is the call to me to find out the Birth Warrior program is for you. It’s a time when we get to know each other; you ask questions and get a feel for the program, me and what I have to offer. It’s a time when I get to hear your story, ask questions as to what you are looking for, what you’ve experienced and the birthing experience you are hoping for. On this call I email you the Birth Warrior program brochure and enrolment forms. Once the enrolment and payment has gone through, you’ll be contacted again about the commencement date and time and tailoring of your course along with signin details to the membership area. For Circle of Connection members the discovery call is a “getting to know you” and what topics you’d like covered in the weekly sessions.

Which Program for Me?

The Circle of Connection connects women to share experiences and information. I share research based information and am there for you to ask me questions. I invite experts in health fields to come and present information on prenatal, birth or postnatal topics. There’s a huge range of topics for all those 3 areas and we’ll meet weekly to cover them. The sessions are recorded so you can listen if you miss a session, and I’ll send a newsletter monthly summarising the sessions.You have access to downloadable pdf information and meditations.

The Birth Warrior program is for pregnant women committed to practicing the the tools from the program that prepares, informs and transforms them in their journey. I am with you as your virtual midwife every step of the way. I listen, I train and I coach using all my expertise to guide you to the right resources for you, wherever you are in the world.

How are these programs different from other childbirth education?
The biggest difference is that this program is live and interactive and tailored to suit you. You are trained with me, a highly experienced midwife with over 25 years in homebirth and hospital birth. Each session you can discuss your experiences, your concerns and get instant feedback from me. As a hypnotherapist I can offer you a hypnotherapy session to alleviate fears and issues from the subconscious should you choose, this. These programs can span in time over most of your pregnancy, birth and the 1st year after birth.
Do I need to attend another local antenatal class?

NO. The Birth Warrior program covers everything to ensure you understand the choices you have in pregnancy, labour and parenting. You can download information to support your choices and avoid interventions, eg. whether to have an induction or not at “term dates”. Information is POWER. happens.”

When is it best to join in my pregnancy?

The success of the Birth Warrior program in the past has been the preparation and practice over the whole pregnancy. So joining around 12 – 16 weeks gestation is ideal if you hear about this in time. If it’s later then that’s ok too, the preparation time you put in at home will be what creates the transformation within you. Joining the Circle of Connection can happen anytime in your journey – from pregnancy to 1 yr postnatal.

Devices and Tecnology

Can I take the Birth Warrior or Circle of Connection on my ipad, mobile, smartphone or tablet?
Yes. You can download Zoom onto all of these.
Is Internet access required?
Yes. Each session is recorded for both programs should you miss one of them.
Can my partner and I be logged into a session at the same time from different venues?
Yes, you will be sent a URL to join the session.
Do I lose access to seeing a session?
No, not unless you leave a program.
Can I copy or download the videos?

No. You receive a password to watch the video on Vimeo only. You can watch it as many times as you wish. Your partner will also receive a password to watch them if he is at a different venue.

Changes, Refunds and Cancellations

What is your refund policy?
There is no refund for the Birth Warrior program. You can cancel your subscription for the Circle of Connection at any time.
Can I receive an Invoice for my Health Insurance?
Yes, please let me know the wording and codes your insurance company requires in order for you to make a claim.