Birth Warrior

Virtual Midwife – with you every step of the way

This is real time interaction with warrior women and your virtual midwife. A childbirth program like no other, empowering the mind, body, reconnecting with feminine spirit and connecting with the baby to become a birth warrior.

This is a supportive group program taking each of you on the inner journey of pregnancy, a journey of self discovery, surrendering fears, trusting, envisioning, realising your true potential with the power of the feminine spirit. It will take commitment to practice the tools and techniques to empower you.

10 Modules

Each module gives you holistic preparation by discovering knowledge and confidence from your primordial innate wisdom, from medical evidenced based information and from your cultural beliefs.

Real Time Interaction

Mary teaches through storytelling and holistic evidenced based information. You will meet with other birthing warriors in their journey at each live session, empowering each other with your stories and experiences.

Virtual Midwifery Care

Mary will help you discover the primordial knowledge within you, teach you the skills and techniques to become the birthing warrior you truly are. She is with you each step of the way in your journey to birthing and parenthood.

“For me the work that you did was to help me reconnect with myself in today’s broken society by reviving ancient wisdom.”


Course Outline

Module 1

Beginning Your Journey

  • The history of our fear based birthing culture
  • Know thy self – honoring the divine feminine of the birth warrior
  • Knowing your baby in pregnancy – music – stories –
  • Connecting with your innate wisdom – meditation – practice of mindfulness – Breath awareness-

Module 2

Body and Mind Awareness

  • The power of knowledge – ways of knowing
  • Preparing your body and mind for success – breathing, yoga, mindfulness
  • Nourish yourself and your baby
  • The physiology and impact of fear
  • The power of the mind and non focused awareness

Module 3

Birthing as an Art

  • Birth Art teaches and prepares
  • The labyrinth – your warrior labour map
  • Your body, your baby and your choices in pregnancy
  • Mindfulness techniques in childbirth
  • Developing a deep and knowing trust in self

Module 4

Preparing Your Birth Space

  • Creating a supportive team – check the energy
  • Your voice as a birthing warrior
  • Childbirth as a rite of passage
  • The labour of love – unleash the Love Hormones
  • Rites and rituals in Pregnancy

Module 5

Awaken The Birth Warrior

  • The gateway to the labyrinth
  • Surrender to the divine feminine, birthing instincts, your birthing body
  • Natural, normal birth – what is it really?
  • The Labour Map – 1st, 2nd and third stages of labour
  • Your warrior birth plan

Module 6

When the Battle Plan Changes

  • Navigating labourland
  • Birthing policies vs evidence based practice in birth
  • The domino or cascade effect of medical interventions
  • How to “give birth” if your require a caesarean
  • How to have a home birth in hospital

Module 7

Active Childbirth Session (2 ½ hours)

  • The importance of birthing partners
  • Techniques to take you through the journey of labour – breathing – robozo – acupressure – heat – massage – visualization
  • What is PAIN?
  • Rituals to honor the pregnancy, the birth warrior and parenthood

Module 8

Birth of the Mother Warrior

  • When baby comes earthside…….those first important hours
  • Breastfeeding
  • Essential care of mother warrior…and don’t forget Dad
  • Essential new baby care

Module 9

The Fourth Trimester

  • Early parenting choices – immunisations, co – sleeping, babywearing..and more
  • Common concerns – jaundice, crying and communication, sleep cycles…and more
  • The Darker side of motherhood/fatherhood – perinatal mood disorders
  • What happens when the unexpected occurs?

Module 10

Early Parenthood

  • Baby proofing your marriage
  • Moving through time together with communication and play
  • Nurture your child’s spirit
  • Your Story as a Birth Warrior

“When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense”

Kahlil Gibran

Birth Warrior

This Ultimate Childbirth Experience Includes:

  • 12 ½ Hrs live online interaction with your virtual midwife Mary
  • The modules are scheduled to suit your gestation in pregnancy
  • Private emails with Mary ( answered within 24 hrs )
  • Private session (with templates) for your warrior birth plan for a hospital or homebirth
  • YOUR FEARS Released – 1:1 private live hypnosis/meditation session
  • Unlimited access to the library of birthing and postnatal/parenting DVD’s (40 +)
  • Download meditation and scripts for Pregnancy, Birth Preparation, Breastfeeding and Postnatal Recovery, Caesarean, VBAC or Twins
  • Download all workbooks and pdf articles and research for your modules
  • BONUS: Total of 4 hrs private/group online support throughout your 6 weeks postnatal ( this may be split into many sessions)
  • BONUS: 1 year Membership to the weekly Circle of Connection sessions
  • BONUS: Join the Private Community on Facebook “Birth Warrior” for ongoing support

A beautiful pregnancy harmony ball

HypnoBirthing – The Marie Mongan Method

Ancient Map For Modern Birth – Pam England

Whatever stage you are in your Birth Warrior journey
Begin your preparation now

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How It Works

This is real time interaction with your midwife and other birthing warrior women for a powerful childbirth education experience.

The Birth Warrior childbirth education experience takes place in a room on “Zoom” where we can connect visually and support and empower each other as though we were sitting in a lounge.

Each session will be recorded for replay for those who miss a live module.

Women may join this program at any stage of their warrior journey – it’s never too early or too late.

Zoom is a program that downloads onto phone, ipad, laptop or desktop so you can be anywhere and join in to your program.

What Birth Warriors Have Said About What They Have Learnt

“In preparation: dealing with and discussing any fears and expectations, practising staying calm in the mind which goes along with relaxing and breathing, remembering how birth looks across the world and in other cultures, speaking positive words over my birth experience, having the right support, my midwife and partner on the same page.”

– Michelle

“Gosh, so many things! But mainly that you could practice, rehearse, visualise for months beforehand, and when the time came, every skill and knowledge I needed was there. ”

– Jess

“I learnt to trust my body, that it is designed to birth beautifully, I just had to relax to let it do its thing. Practicing relaxation was a big one, you realise it’s not often in our modern world that we are simply relaxed and present and I had to teach myself to truly relax. Hearing other positive birth stories was a HUGE encouragement for me as a first timer, it expelled any fear and negativity. I was convinced beyond a doubt that my story would be the same – one of womanly power & grace….and it was ❤️”

– Jessica

“I think the relax was a big one. As a VBAC case who was never referred to as “a vbac case” with Mary, I can say that by the time the birth came I didn’t think about my past c section once. I mean, there was that point where I didn’t know if we could turn Teddy and I was concerned quietly I would have to transfer, but that was concern about a new c section, not the old one! WE maneuvered him into the right position! I think also to connect with the baby, that it is powerful to talk to them, let them know how loved and safe and wanted they are, once I did that I went into labour within an hour.”

– Zoe

“Trust….. Believe….. Embrace”

– Melissa

“Our bodies can do this if we practice – meditate, breathe, relax and be present.”

– Anja

“To have trust in my womanly self, my instincts, my body and the process! This was everything for me. And of course, the breathing work! The breathing was the single most effective thing that got me through our quick birth, it kept me focused, calm and in control”

– Claudia

“That I could do it! VBAC on my own, partner away for birth, my circle ( of warrior women) was epically profound. I couldn’t have done it without this care. Because of Mary Ziegler ‘s encouragement & determination to empower me, I got to birth my boy in the bath”

– Lisette

Free Discovery Call

The relationship between a midwife and woman needs to be a trusting partnership, even though we are on either side of a screen. That’s why I’m offering a free 20 minute discovery call. On this call you will:

  • Discover if this program will assist you to achieve your goals.
  • Determine if we are a fit to work with each other.
  • Discuss your desires for your pregnancy, birth and transition to motherhood.
  • Understand the way the program works, the commitment involved from us both until you are 6 weeks postnatal.
  • Discover the value of the program for you.
  • Have your questions answered and receive a Brochure of the program.
  • Having this call is free from obligation, it’s a meet and greet!