Where do you start with Homebirth?  Although we are based on the Sunshine Coast (Australia), the questions asked by parents are the same regardless of where you live!  

In this post, we take a look at how to get started on a journey towards Homebirth.  As with all major decisions, the decision about where and with whom you give birth is an important one, as is the people you wish to provide your professional support before, during and after the birth.

Start by talking to Private Midwives

When investigating the options for having a Homebirth, a great first place to start is to check out the private midwives in your area.  There will be a number of professional bodies that provide listings for midwives – for Homebirth on the Sunshine Coast you will find this list on the Homebirth Association Website.

Before you meet midwives, think about what’s important to you about your

  • pregnancy care,
  • birthing preparation
  • birthing environment
  • and your midwife.

Here are Some Questions You Might Like to Consider:

Do you wish to have all your antenatal visits at home or are you able to travel to a midwifery clinic?

Do you want your antenatal education to be provided by your midwife or will you attend outside classes?

What type of antenatal education do you want?  HypnoBirthing? Calmbirth?

Would you like to be involved in group antenatal care where you meet other women due at the same time as you so you can share information and support each other?

What safety aspects are you considering in planning a homebirth?

  • will you be booked into a hospital in case of the need of transfer?
  • do you have a say in your birth care plan
  • do you wish to have a doula?
  • do you value that two midwives should be present for your homebirth?
  • are you aware that midwives should carry oxygen? Suction?
  • drugs to stop bleeding if necessary?
  • a midwife should be current in emergency procedures
  • does the midwife suture or would you have to be transferred to hospital if you tear?
  • how long does a midwife stay with you afterwards?
  • what is your postnatal visiting plan?
  • do you get to know your backup midwife as well as your primary midwife?
  • How many women does a midwife birth a month and how far away does she live? You want her to make it with plenty of time!!

These might seem like a lot of questions but it is important to think about them for your own decision-making, and be sure to ask them of your midwife.  If you don’t ask us, then we should be telling you the answers anyway.  All of these questions are important, so familiarise yourself with them.

What about Cost?  

Cost will also be a consideration,  but you are planning the most important event in your life and that of your unborn baby’s so choose your midwife carefully to suit your needs.

Some midwives on the Sunshine Coast are medicare eligible but there are also very good midwives who are not.

Some private health funds will pay for midwifery care, whether it be education classes, lactation consultants, homebirth or postnatal care – it’s good to find out.

If you want to find out more about Cost you can read this post:  How much does a Homebirth Cost?

Having a Homebirth can be one of the most calm, beautiful and amazing experiences – and one of the most rewarding. With a little research and preparation, you can be sure that you have all the questions answered – leaving you to focus on your birth.  

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