What is Best Practice in Midwifery Care?

On the Sunshine Coast, at Know Your Midwife, we are living and breathing best practice maternity care every day. It’s called “Continuity of Midwifery Care” or quite simply:  Knowing Your Midwife.

Research shows that when you know and trust your midwife you are less likely to have any interventions and your labour will be shorter as you feel safe and secure with her/him.

I believe it is a little known fact in Australia that the majority of women will have the best possible outcomes by receiving one-to-one midwifery care.

This means the same midwife providing all your antenatal, labour, birth and postnatal care.  And at Know Your Midwife we do just that – and we have a team of midwives, so that you get to know a second midwife as well, who may be attending your birth as back-up support.

Consider this excerpt from the National Maternity Action Plan:

“Normal birth is more likely to be achieved when a woman has access to ‘continuity of carer’ or ‘continuity of care’ from a midwife who is responsible for her care throughout pregnancy, labour and birth, and the postnatal period.‘

The systematic review comparing continuity of midwifery care with the standard maternity services include data from all Australian trials shows that “continuity of midwifery care is associated with lower intervention rates than standard midwifery care, and that midwifery models of care are as safe as the existing standard services.’ (Waldenstrom and Turnbull 1998)

This is why we do what we do.  And this:

The continuity of carer model of care has been proven to reduce the use of obstetric interventions in labour and birth, including the need for pharmacological pain relief, inductions, augmentations, instrumental deliveries, episiotomies and caesarean sections.”  (Hodnestt 1999, Homer et al 2001, Rowley)

So what happens next if you are considering a private midwife?

What is best practice in maternity care?  We recently featured some important questions to ask when selecting a private midwife and these questions also reflect our total commitment to our birthing parents.

If you choose a private midwife,  it will be to KNOW your carer.  Continuity of Midwifery Care is what our practice was built on and it underpins everything we do.  We are excited to see many Sunshine Coast women now who choose a private midwife so that they know their carer.  

It’s just best practice.

What about you. Are you considering using a private midwife? Do you have any questions about Continuity of Care?