Know Your Midwife is excited to announce that the first 5 Women have birthed through our new Circle of Care Program. 

Circle of Care

The Circle of Love – Our Fab Five Babies

Five beautiful normal births, a combination of experiences: VBAC’s, premature birth, first time mums and homebirth and all birthed in under 5 hours of real labour.

But the Circle of Care Program is more than just about the births, it is about relationships between midwives and women, about support and education and relationships between each other.  This group has now bonded to continue to grow together beyond the 6 weeks postnatal care of the program and that’s just fabulous for them.

Circle of Care - First Births for Know Your Midwife's New Program

Our Fab 5 Mums, their beautiful babies, our Midwives and Dr Kirsten Small!

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