The team at Know Your Midwife are excited to announce the arrival of our first homebirth baby, born through the Circle of Care Program. 

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We are so excited to welcome the first babies via our Circle of Care Program – one at home and one in the hospital .

And in the same week, we also celebrated our first Hospital Birth through the Circle of Care. It has been a big week at Know Your Midwife.

I got to celebrate twice this week.  On my birrthday I was present for the birth of baby Serenity, born at home at 12.45am.  Surprisingly enough, after attending more than 1000 births (including many homebirths) this was the first baby ever born on my birthday!  We had a few giggles along the way after the hot water ran out on the property, and we resorted to kettles and pots and pans to keep the water soothing and warm for Mum to birth in.  After staying with the family until early morning, we left the beautiful new family tucked up in bed! The experience of welcoming a mother’s first baby into the world is truly special.

We can’t wait to share more birth stories with you here!