Sunshine Coast Home Birth Midwifery

Know Your Midwife believes that the way all women birth affects the future of life on earth.

The choice is simple. Women may either reconnect with their feminine spirit, their sacred power and knowledge and begin to reclaim birth, or they may accept the modern technological approach, the voice of others, accepting that she is not the most important person able to heal herself, birth, life and mother earth.

Know Your Midwife believes that birth is a sacred rite of passage, whether you acknowledge it or not. The experiences we have, as women, through birth teaches us life changing lessons about who we are, what we’re capable of and what we need to transform into mothers. Know Your Midwife believes and trusts in women’s ability to birth naturally and calmly, especially when supported in the undisturbed and nurturing space of her own home.

Mary and Jemma are mothers, spiritual women, teachers, students of life and highly experienced midwives. We have witnessed the loving feminine power transform women warriors in birth. Our passion and life purpose is to assist women to change limiting beliefs and behaviours, connect with conscious intention, spirit and body, trust in themselves and discover that sense of awe and power in their own ability to birth at home. Only women can birth, and only women can change birth on earth.

It would be our privilege to support you through your birthing journey.

Sunshine Coast Home Birth Midwifery Care

Mary & Jemma are Privately Practicing Registered Midwives providing supportive care throughout pregnancy, birth and the early parenting journey, for women and families who choose to birth at home.

Pelvic Floor Balancing with Jemma

Nurturing and balancing intravaginal pelvic bodywork to release body trauma, promote pelvic floor health and integrity, optimise female wellness and awaken your creative Feminine impulse.

Sunshine Coast Village Midwifery Clinic

Wherever you are choosing to birth, receive your antenatal and postnatal care with Know Your Midwife in our comfortable fully-equipped clinic. Bulk-billed 45 minute single consultations.

Birth Trauma Healing with Mary

You will experience awareness and lightness once birth trauma and core wounds of the past are released. Breaking the cycle of trauma impacts future generations.

Sunshine Coast Destination Birthing

Families desiring non-hospital birthing in a tourist destination… Come to the Sunshine Coast for continuity of midwifery care and birth in private modern accommodation, a short walk from the beach.

Letting Go Your Birth Trauma Retreat - TBC

A 3 day retreat and 6 week program involves releasing, redesigning, re-navigating, and clearing the traumas of the past that no longer serve us.

Birth Stories

“ I knew nothing when I had my first child, I was alone, scared and didn’t know that I could do better. I gave away my power and they (hospital) took control.” Through this program I learnt to have trust in my womanly self, my instincts, my body and the process! This was everything for me. And of course, the breathing work! The breathing was the single most effective thing that got me through our quick birth, it kept me focused, calm and in control .” – Claudia

Introducing Claudia who, after discovering this program’s labour and birthing tools and the feminine power within her, decided to have a home birth with Simon, her husband. I witnessed a profound transformation in this couple as Claudia birthed this baby in love, empowered, and trusting.

“I birthed at the front door on an ambulance stretcher as we were racing for the hospital. It was traumatic, not how I imagined it would be, and I wasn’t going to repeat it the next time” – Rebecca

Rebecca had a planned home birth for her second baby, Evie. This time she came from a place of power and trust, supported by her husband Kyle. She surrendered completely and birthed quickly and powerfully.

“ I’m a midwife and I know they’ll (hospital) restrict the way I birth because I’m a large woman and I want a home birth and a water birth.” – Carrie

Carrie had to learn to leave her midwifery hat in the cupboard. She discovered herself as the warrior women she is, trusted in her feminine sacred power and surrendered to the natural, spiritual process of birth. She had a rapid first labour and indeed birthed in the water totally supported and loved by her husband, Jason. Carrie was transformed into an empowered mother, capable of anything and everything!

Circle of Connection

$49.00 per month – 7 days free trial

This is real time interaction, open group discussion and coaching with me once a week for 45 minutes for as long as you keep your membership.

What’s included:


  • Preset weekly topics antenatal, birth and parenting topics
  • Email me with your topic of interest so I can include it.
  • Experts invited to speak on topics raised by you each month.
  • Free access to 15 birthing, postnatal and Dad videos.
  • Download Research articles and worksheets monthly
  • Free access to Circle of Connection sessions that are recorded and available for replay.
  • Join the Closed Facebook group for members only to share and inspire.
  • Download meditation for pregnancy, birth preparation, postnatal recovery and relaxation in breastfeeding.

Birth Warrior

This is real time interaction with your virtual midwife.

A holistic childbirth program like no other, empowering the mind, body, reconnecting with feminine spirit and connecting with your baby to become a birth warrior.

This is a powerful group program taking each of you on the inner journey of pregnancy, a journey of self discovery, surrendering fears, trusting, envisioning, realising your true potential with the power of the feminine spirit. It will take commitment to practice the tools and techniques to empower you.

What’s included:


  • 18 real time hrs
  • Active childbirth session at 36 weeks gestation. ( 3 hour)
  • 1:1 Alleviate Fear session & 1:1 Birth Plan session
  • All sessions are recorded and available for replay
  • Unlimited free access to a growing library of research based evidence, over 30 videos of birthing experiences and postnatal care, meditation for pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal recovery and worksheets and pdf downloads.
  • Free membership to the weekly Circle of Connection and Closed Changing Birth On Earth facebook page.

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